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    Socket connection is to insert the suction at one end of the pipe or fittings into the socket of the fittings to be connected, and the wells are sealed with slope filling materials in the annulus. Socket connection is mainly used for cast iron pipe, concrete pipe, ceramic pipe and plastic pipe with socket joint.
    Product Description
    Product name:Socket Fusion Female Tee
    Apply:Garden project, Construction, Traffic engineering, Municipal Engineering, Renovation
    Packing detail:Cartons
    Service:Factory, ODM
    Lead time:15-30 days
    Image Details
    Product Features
    1. Eco-friendly and Safer Use: Non-toxic, no heavy metal additives
    2. Good service life
    3. Impact Resistance
    4. Wear Resistance
    5. Low Temperature Resistance
    6. Lower system and maintenance costs
    7.Good Corrosion Resistance
    Drinking water supply system
    Gardening network and sewage treatment
    Old network transformation engineering system
    Agricultural irrigation pipe
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