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    CAS No. : 42874-03-3
    Molecular formula: C15H11ClF3NO4
    Molecular weight: 361.7
    Melt point: 65-84 ºC
    Solubility in water: 0.116 mg/l (25 ºC)

    Focusing on
    Oxyfluorfenl TC: 97%
    Oxyfluorfen EC: 24%

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    Reference information from e-Pesticide Manual 2.0
    Product description
    OXYFLUORFEN control of annual broad-leaved weeds and grasses in a variety of tropical and subtropical crops, by pre- or post-emergence application. Particular crops include tree fruit (including citrus), vines, nuts, cereals, maize, soya beans, peanuts, rice, cotton, bananas, peppermint, onions, garlic, ornamental trees and shrubs, and conifer seedbeds.

    Product Benefits
    · Selective, contact herbicide providing control of annual broad-leaf weeds, some grasses and suppression of some perennials.
    · It has pre-emergence as well as targeted post-emergence activity.
    · As pre-emergence, forms a chemical barrier on the soil surface and affects weed plants through direct contact at emergence.
    · Actively growing plants are very susceptible as post-emergence action.
    · These oxygen species disrupts membrane. Sunlight is essential for performance of Oxyfluorfen.Herbicide in stock