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    heat exchanger for agricultural and forestry equipments
    Coolers for high pressures and mechanical and thermal stresses for applications in the off-road fields: agricultural machines and tractors,equipment for constructions, forestry, mining, etc.
    1、various available constructive solutions & configurations
    2、easy maintenance due to use anti-clogging fins
    3、design service.
    Product parameter content
    Product design selection to provide the following parameters:
    1, the engine information (should include: engine power, pump flow curve, fan curve, etc.);
    2, medium flow and the use of pressure (such as hydraulic oil flow, the maximum use of pressure, etc.);
    3, harvest cereals (according to different cereal harvest season for different targeted design).
    Application: Sugarcane harvesters, weeders.
    Product Precautions
    Product Notes: Harvesting machinery work when the grain leaves easy to plug the surface of the radiator, resulting in high temperature, should pay attention to timely clean-up.
    Coming in good cooling performance and lasting serving time, this cooler for agricultural and forestry equipments made in China by Wuxi Yuda must be your best choice. We are one of the largest such manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy or wholesale our heat-exchanger and check the quotation with our factory.Cooler For Engineering manufacturers